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It has recently come to my attention that this site here has been seen by many and linked to by many. This has come as a great joy to yours truly. What I have hoped to accomplish with this site is to document my walk with the Lord. Everything I have written here, has been a lesson learned by me, directly from God. I hope in sharing my lessons learned that people who come and read will maybe see something they have wondered about, and or maybe gone through themselves, and find some blessed assurance that they are not alone in it.

I hope that anyone who comes here, feels free to share their comments.  Needed prayers, Salvation issues, Questions you might have, can go into the Forum. I don’t have all the answers as I am not God, but I would happily poll pastors, and other Christians to answer any questions anyone might have. Comments are on the front page at the bottom of each article.

Please join in and leave comments and or questions. It is free, I do not ask donations as this is more than a joy for me just as it is. I am no one special, I am simply a woman who has asked God to use me as a tool to reach out to others in the world. To perhaps plant seeds in peoples hearts, that God will then grow into a fruitful Christian.

I also need to let anyone who has wondered about the name of this site know, what The rapture Force means. Force is not from our stand point, meaning we are trying to force the rapture. Force in our case means, a group of people. There are seven of us in our little branch of family,and we have decided to work together as a team, a force if you will, to bring as many to Christ as we can together. Of the seven of us we have all had some part in the creation of this site. Thus The Rapture Force.

I pray, that my own growing experiences help someone. May my Love of the Lord touch lives, and maybe even make others wish to know the Lord. His love for us is so much greater than our own love of each other .

Love in Christ Jesus to all readers who come here, Prayer Warrior/Tammy

  1. Doughboy Said,

    How could any of this be better sttaed? It couldn’t.

  2. Matei Said,

    Okay I’m cnovniced. Let’s put it to action.

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