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Resurrection Sunday is upon us

posted by PrayerWarrior

Please donate to the children of the Orphanage! We need $22.00 dollars per child and there is 30 children. We have raised 263.01 for the children thus far but really need your help to raise the funds as soon as possible.

This money per child, is to buy them clothing and feed them for a little bit of time. My paypal is only for the donations to these hungry orphaned children. Their parents have been killed by muslims, and they plead for their mom and dad but to no avail.

Please look deep into your heart and donate, to these precious babies. And remember the Lord said real or true religion is visiting and caring for widows and orphans!

We also ask your continued prayer support at all times for the family who, out of their own pockets, support these orphans. It is not easy for Christians in Pakistan to do anything, let alone keep themselves and 30 orphans safe. Please I plead on the children’s behalf, donate whatever you can!


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