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Blankets for children in Pakistan, Please donate.

posted by PrayerWarrior

My dear visitors to this site. I have been asked by a dear friend and pastor in Pakistan to plead on these lovely children’s behalf for blankets in the cold Pakistan winter. The blankets needed are 30 of them. The cost is $41.00 per blanket. I am trying to gather as many donations as I can for this as fast as i can. Please with Christmas coming please think of donating any amount you can!

Please prayerfully consider donating some money to this very desperate need and I will post what we have collected on the site when I have gotten all monies. I am hoping by December 15th to have the $1,230 US dollars needed for the blankets.

Please please consider donating as the Lord leads you. I have done some work in the recent past to gather money for the school tuition of each of these children and must say I was not very successful in securing their school funds, because people said they were leery of donating online and to Pakistani citizens. I find this rather atrocious personally! I also find it to be quite the bigoted mess.

Each and every human being is a potential child of God, and as such deserving of our compassion. Besides which I asked the Lord to tell me if this was a false charity and what was His response, you give and allow me to worry about the veracity of the persons involved.

Please please donate and help the children who have all been ill with flu and colds. I know from personal experience that flu too easily turns into Pneumonia, please find it in your heart to help the children out and give them warmth for Christmas.

I pay blessings on each of you as you donate and pray for these wonderful people caring for orphans, doing all they can to ensure these babies have the best start in life, when life has handed them a parentless life. The donate button to the right will see your donation gets to the children through their guardians.

This according to James is true religion that you care for the widows and orphans.James 1:27

Many Blessings I pray for each of you who donate and even those who cannot afford to donate I pray double blessings upon you and yours.

Love in Christ Jesus,

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