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Global Warming, Or Huge Earth Quakes?

posted by PrayerWarrior

Just a little something that has been on my mind for a while now.Global warming or global change due to devastating earthquakes?

There is absolutely no real scientific evidence that the earths problems are due to global warming. Think about it, God made earth to be perfectly self sufficient and not only that God knows and knew even before he laid the foundation of the world exactly what we people would be doing and what natural resources we needed and when they were needed. He made the weather systems perfectly. He made trees to produce oxygen to help us breathe, just like he made us produce carbon dioxide to replenish the trees, so they could breathe. It is the perfect trade off.

The more hot house gases, such as carbon dioxide, the more plants flourish. It is proven by scientists who have no qualms about believing in God. One of the smartest scientists in the world over at M.I.T did a whole 20 year study on green house gases and proved that there is no such thing as global warming. Every MSM, as well as all governmental offices, pooh pooh the findings of this scientist, because they lose the ability to gain more control over us, if they cannot prove their theories.

But like every other theory before this one, they are merely mans foolish over thinking, and just that a theory! There is no proof behind theories. Let us remember professing themselves wise they became fools. God made the simple things of the world to confound the wise. That means to the wise truth is way too simple. In their minds because they think so complexly there has got to be more to this. It does not fit in with their notions of how it should be.

Now think about this for a moment, due to some of the biggest earthquakes across the world, North is no longer true north, but has been skewed by some 30 degrees to the east of where it used to be. That is a huge change. So now understand in the scheme of things, if The earth’s geography has changed that much then does it not make sense that areas where the climate was much colder being shoved into another direction, would them change weather patterns?

How can we think the earth being moved off it’s axis by any degree, would not have some kind of consequence? Of course everything that happens to the earth will change everything about it. Many earthquakes of a 8 to 9 on the Richter scale, is of course, going to throw everything off kilter. The word tells us that the earth in the last times will be moved off it’s axis. This is just another way man tries to explain the inexplicable, where there is no belief in God.

When Bush was President he changed the times of when we turn our clocks forward and backward, in the spring and the fall. That brings me to another thought. Is America the new Babylon? I certainly think so! As I read Jeremiah chapters 50-51, I cannot help but think, that is America it is speaking of. We are the only country who boasts a mother country. We certainly began, and have been a blessed golden cup in the hand of God. Our leader of our country at the time in 2005, changed the times. Is there a bigger meaning to this? Only time will tell. We know the beast system is already at work within our world.

Just my two cents worth. Blessings I pray for you all.
Love in Christ,Tammy

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