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My Glory Experience

posted by PrayerWarrior

when at first I was confronted by the Lord about my fake Christianity,I saw truth and was rewarded with a brand spanking new life,I became born again. I praise the Lord for calling me out,and cleaning me up. I am forever grateful to Him for seeing my heart and knowing better than I, that who I thought I was was not the real thing. I did not want to be a fake Christian. The Lord showed me through a series of books that I just was not who I thought I was.

One morning I was laying in my bed praising the lord with all that I had in me,and I asked Father can you please just show me, give me a glimpse into eternity? That was enough said a very simple request turned into the most amazing experience one could ever imagine. I cried,I laughed,I shook and my soul quaked within me. My tears flew in every direction,From A Laying Down Position!!! I say it that way because I want you to understand the craziness of the tears flying in every direction at once. Up Down and outward! When I say my soul was quaking,that is not even enough to describe how my spirit seemed to be trying to climb right out of me. My body stood still but my spirit was dancing within me. My heart felt as though it would explode with the Love pouring into and out of it from, and for my God.

I saw the Lord in profile kind of, and then I was transported to His position,not in His place but seeing us all the way He sees us,with a lens of pure love. I saw the spirit connection that radiates out of Him directly to our hearts, and from our hearts to Him. We are amazingly small compared to our God,and yet so huge with His love. I found myself thinking I wish everyone on earth could see this! There would be no one anywhere who could refuse this amazing Love! It was a truly amazing experience I wished would never end. Unfortunately it did end 🙁 but while I was in this experience,it felt like I was there for a long long time. A moment with the Lord is like a thousand years and a thousand years, like a moment with the Lord, is so profoundly true. When I came back to life as we know it, it had been mere moments,but oh the joy, the huge amounts of joy that filled me that day and many after, was just mind blowing.

I pray that each and every one of us would experience this amazing never ending Love. I hope that everyone who is the Lord’s through Christ,can experience this absolute exhilarating intoxicating Love,before they die. After we have gone from this body,of course we will experience this Love first hand,but it is a major hope of mine for as many as can worship the Lord with all their might, might experience this wonder. The thing that is craziest of all of it was my spirit trying to climb out of me so to speak. It recognized it’s true home, and wanted to be there forever.

That is part of how I know I will be here for the end. I know there is much work for me to do in the Lord and for the Kingdom’s cause. The Lord filled me with His love for people,He actually showed me that love. He gave me to know His heart, to feel if only a little drip drop, His heart for His children. He gave me to know He desires a relationship with each and every person on this earth. He gave me to know His sorrow at so many refusing this relationship.

Please wont you come and be His? Please will you not consider His absolute amazing love that cannot be fathomed by the human heart? Come to Him and have perfect peace and rest.

Not the kind that never experiences problems of course, we always experience problems, but there is perfect peace to be had through all things we go through, in Him! Wont you become His so He can become yours? He is not looking for you to give everything,with Him not giving in return. NO!! that is not how God does things. He gives us so much more than we could ever imagine possible. We give ourselves to Him and He gives us back ten fold what we have given to him. Life and life more abundantly. Jesus was sent and freely came to be the one time sacrifice needed to pay the price for our sin nature. He is the Perfect spotless sinless wrinkle free Lamb of God!

It is only through Christ Jesus that we may enter into this perfect peace and rest. All you have to do is repent of your sins which means look away from them and see them for the separating factor they are. The things that separate you from God. Believe in your heart that Jesus is the son of God,that He came and lived a sin free life,then took on our sin,became it,and died as sin. Then rose again having broken the yoke, the bondage of our sin life, and set us who accept all of this, Free!! Now Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father as an intercessor, always speaking to the Father on our behalf. When satan comes accusing us to the Father the Lord our savior Jesus says nope sorry they stand not accused, for I paid for that! Let us all frustrate satan. Let us who were accused for so long, be bought and paid for. Let your slate be cleaned white as snow. Let your sin be thrown as far as the east is from the west never to be looked upon again. Wont you?

See once our slate has been cleaned by Jesus blood, God never ever remembers it. He will never drag your sin out and throw it in your face. That is a human thing to do, and a shameful one at that. He will never hold anything against you again! Once you are made free, and continue on in the Lord Jesus, and get baptized in water and the Holy Spirit, there will never be another moment of condemnation for you again Romans 8:1. I must say being saved,baptized in water and the Holy Spirit are three different things. We are saved by accepting the gift that Jesus gave,which was his life’s blood. Then we are baptized in water to signify our death and resurrection into the new man/woman. Then we get baptized in the Holy Spirit to receive the gifts in the Holy Spirit. You will not have the gifts that the Lord has specifically for you, unless you also get baptized in the Holy Spirit. Completely separate from the acceptance of the Lord’s gift, eternal life.

Why should we desire to have the gifts the Holy Spirit provides? Good question! The answer is simple, to live the joy filled peaceful life and live it more abundantly,John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. He desires you to have a life filled with joy and abundance in all ways.To have peace and be comforted through all that life throws at us. A life free of the laws that religion puts us under. God is not looking for you to be religious, NO! He is looking for a religion free,relationship with you. He wants to fill your life with His grace,with His unmerited favor. Meaning we do not deserve this we cannot work for it,He gives it to us freely.

Let’s put it this way,a gift given to us is not ours unless we first accept it right? Right! So when Jesus came and gave up His spot in eternity He did this knowing full well the price He would have to pay to free us,because sin has always had to be paid for with blood sacrifices. Not just any blood but perfect blemish free animals blood. This is why Jesus is called the perfect lamb of God. This is why He came to earth as a man fully,to experience every temptation to sin,but remain sinless. He had to be born of a virgin, no man could be involved because sin is passed down through the man. So the virgin was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and then Jesus was implanted into her womb.

He truly lived a sinless perfect life. Then it pleased God to take He who was sinless and make Him our sin. He had to die in our place a perfect lamb with out blemish,(blemish being sin) or spot. His blood was spilled and the price was paid once for all time. Now no more sacrifice is necessary on God’s part. We must now accept the gift in order to have eternal life of joy and peace and rest and eternity with the Lord. Come my friends come to this wondrous amazing beautiful relationship. You will not regret it. I have not regretted one second of my life as a Christian. Each day i grow more and more in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. Each day my life is lived to the fullest no matter my circumstances.

Oh I pray that you will come into a wonderful relationship. Think about it no further procrastinate no more,we never know when life will end for us. Can we any of us, afford to procrastinate this decision? I promise you will not regret it. No one who has truly accepted the Lord has ever spent one moment in regret of doing so. Not one single person. There are millions of life changing testimonials out there. God is so loving and so freely gives love to us each and everyone individually. He desires you beyond measure.

Love you all in Christ Jesus,Tammy

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