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Messing With God’s Plans

posted by PrayerWarrior

I have been thinking. I keep getting all these emails, sign this petition sign that petition.These are from Christian groups all over the place.I cannot help but wonder,why are Christians,in essence, fighting against God? His plans. God said all of this was going to come about. His word says this was all going to happen. The prophecy scholars all talk about the end times,we are in those end times. The bible says there will be famine ,wheat would cost a days wage for one quakes,crazy storms. Signs all around us.There is coming a time very soon where it is going to cost us outrageous money for a loaf of bread.Inflation they said is coming and very soon.

Now the governments of the world are talking about one world currency,and there are Christians who are freaking out about this. They want us to fight against it all. It reminds me of when Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:23 But hHe turned and said unto Peter,Get thee behind me, satan:thou art an offense to me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God,but thous savourest those that be of man. In the paraphrased bible it says it like this,Jesus turned on peter and said,get away from me you satan,you are a dangerous trap to me.You are thinking merely from a human point of view,and not from God’s.

What could Jesus have meant by that, thinking in human ways not God’s? Well to me that says Jesus is saying, your messing with God’s plan here. You cannot see the bigger picture. God’s plans must come to fruition, the exact way He said they would. People God always has His way! The plans were laid out long before we came along, and they will be going along in the same vein without us here. We are not going to change God’s way of thinking. Nor His plans. Everything must come about exactly how God said they would. So our lamenting and complaining and fighting,is not going to change God. Nor His plan.

There is going to come about this one world currency. Then the one world government is going to come about. Man some people are going to freak out at that, for sure. There is nothing we are going to say do, or fight about with (people we are supposed to love and set an example for btw)
Governments,as well as people who are false teachers that is going to stop it from happening. Evil is setting it’s tenterhooks into the world and going in deep for the kill. They have been setting the whole end times in motion for about 61 years now,actually quite a while longer than that. Evil had his plan as far back as the garden of eden. But now when Israel became it’s own country and government,admittedly heavily tied with America,thats when satan really started setting up his plan for the doom of the earth he is going to take it over and have us worship him above God. Or so he thinks.

He will not get this Christian. Praise God! he wont get any of us Christians who know God’s word and His plans for us. No matter what we will face, we are already victorious. The word was spoken, and it will go forth, come what may. God’s plan has been written since before the foundations of the earth were laid. We all know when God speaks,no matter what man woman, or child thinks of His plan,He knows best what to do, and will do it.Stop putting what you think should happen,before what God says will happen. The thing I have learned best about prophecy is, You have no clue how exactly it is going to all play out. That is where faith comes into the picture. Knowing God will do what He has said He would do. Knowing He has fabulous plans for you, His very strong knowledgeable Christian. He is going to make us shine like the light in the end times.

Then there is going to necessitate a one world religion. Since all the people on earth are united in every way, money wise and government wise,we all need to have the same beliefs. People will not be free to have their own thoughts, religion, or anything we are used to. Well here in America anyway. There are plenty of countries that do not want the people thinking for themselves. Unfortunately America is going down that same path, or so it would appear.Thats all you hear now a days,is how the government wants to take away our freedoms. Well I have news for you all,God said this was going to happen,and guess what? It is happening.Your signing petitions is not going to net you results. Your holding up signs in the streets are not going to get you anything but noticed in the wrong way.

Our job people is to love no matter what just love love love one another. Loving people means, being a shining example of God’s love for people and His grace at work through us. If the world sees Christians pointing fingers everywhere, and standing in the streets protesting, what good are you doing God? What kind of example is that of Christian love? We are simply and easily enough just supposed to love people every people in the world. Hate evil but love the people who have evil that lives in them. Those are some seriously hurting people right there. The world is cruel, but God is love. He loves every person on earth equally saved or not. He does not love you mister or misses Christian anymore than he loves the murderer on death row. He loves us all. There is forgiveness for every man woman and child, no matter what they have done wrong. Just remember in the words of Paul we were all at one time sinners lost in our sin. Do you think your lying to your wife or kids, is any less of a sin, than is murder?

In Gods eyes all sin is wrong. He is soooo HOLY!!!! (shout that word, holy,makes you feel good doesn’t it? Back to what I was saying. God is so Holy he cannot look upon sin. Sinner it is not that He does not love you, it is that you do not know Him,and your sin cannot be looked upon by God. If and or when you repent,really sobbing repentance at the knowledge of who you used to be,thats right,who you used to be,God has just made you a brand new clean baby. Sinless set free from the bondage of sin. Set free from blindness to God. He reveals Himself to you in that very moment. Then,you are no longer a sinner in His eyes. When you have repented of your sin as well as asking jesus into your heart to rein supreme over your life,God sees you clearly and beautifully. He has taken your sin and thrown it as far away as He could (which, I can only imagine is very far, since God is humongous) Never to look upon those sins again.

Do you take and re-member your past? Let’s think about re membering here for a moment. Re is like putting together again,and member a part of an animal body. When God forgets your sins He does not remember them,he does not put back together your sins and look upon them. He threw them away. If your having problems forgetting your sin and moving forward from them,just know this,it is you who keeps putting those thoughts back together again. Remember means to retain in the memory; keep in mind; remain aware of: God does not do that. He remembers you in only the best most beautiful straight up birght Jesus light. Because He called you and gave you to his son. He made you a bridal party participant.A part of Jesus Bride. We are God’s gift to Jesus. I love being a gift to my Jesus. He became the gift for us. He took on our sin and became sin, for us so we could be His prize. Alls one has to do is agree learn and understand all about Jesus,know He is sent of God. He lived a perfect and sinless life,and then died like a common criminal for you. So that when you accept His gift of life, you then become His gift.The Bible says, “Your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you” (Isaiah 59:2). See He cannot look upon sin.

Jesus cherishes each and every Gift God gives Him. He is so good to us always entreating the father on our behalf. Thats why we end our prayers in Jesus name,because Jesus is our go between. What I am saying is this You and I are not victims of God, we are sinners against God. The Bible says, “All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory” (Romans 3:23). Our consciences tell us plainly that we have not even lived up to our own standards, let alone God’s. Jesus did not intrude himself between us and God. He didn’t jump in to wrestle God away from us against God’s will. God put Jesus between us and himself. “For God so loved the world that he GAVE his only begotten Son, that whoever believes on him might have everlasting life” (John 3:16). The Go-between was God’s idea. He took the initiative to make a way for sinners to come to him through Jesus. God does not lose his cool. He is not impulsive or rash or reckless. He is perfectly righteous and unswervingly just and infinitely holy and pure. He never plays fast and loose with truth or with virtue. He upholds his law with unimpeachable equity and integrity. No shady deals. No bribery. No skeletons in the closet. “God is light and in him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).

See what I am saying? God does not mess around,what He says He does. No question about it.What I am saying here is this,do not fight the Lord and or His plans for the world,it wont work. Embrace God’s plan and get strong in the Lord. Put on His whole armor which can be found in His word in Ephesians. Walk the Romans road. Live with Him guiding your every step from the inside. Trust Him to know what He is doing. Trust Him with your very life. He has nothing but great plans for you. The thing is ,we do not wait for that beautiful perfect relationship with the Lord. We can live it right now.We must start living it now,tomorrow may be too late.The Lord wants to pour blessing upon blessing and grace to grace on you and your life already.We do not have to be in Heaven to have that perfect relationship with our creator,we can have it right here on earth. All the while knowing, eternity is going to be, even greater than our wildest dreams could ever come up with. Knowing He is working us into perfection all along the way.

God’s plans will work out to His specifications, right to the last verse in the bible.He does not need your help, nor want it.Other than loving one another and leading more souls through that very deep loving of people, all people,to the Lord’s kingdom ,there is no job that God needs or wants man kind to try their hand at..Simply put, God sees all,He knows all from beginning to end.He sees evil at work and knows all their plans. We already have this victory won. Jesus won it all. It’s like this ,so it is written so it is done! The bible is not lying to us in anyway.Everything God said in His word will happen,and your going to just frustrate yourself in trying to fight against Gods plans. Pray always for guidance and for the salvation of every person we come into contact with. Live your life do not try to live anyone else’s life for them. In other words don’t judge people that is not your job. Just love them. Even if you cannot love them to the Lord, just love them. Jesus said in Matthew 5:44″But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”(NIV)

Just Love one another. Just pray for God’s strength on your own life. Yes by all means pray for the people of the world. Pray for what you wish to happen in this world, and God will do as he sees fit to do.Don’t make us Christians look like fools by being in the streets with signs in your hands.Or signing petition after petition. Do not send angry letters to your governmental officials.Just pray and love, and lead by example, the people of the world to the Lord.Christians are not fighters we are lovers.

I pray Father whomever happens to read this will be impacted. I pray Lord that if one reads this who does not know you,that you will reach out and touch their hearts Father.I pray you will call their name Lord and reveal yourself to them.I pray Lord that those who are hurting and fearing over the things about to take place,will come to absolute peace in their hearts about what you have said is going to happen will happen. I pray Father for assurance for those who are hurting Lord,that they can find perfect peace and rest in the midst of trials and fears and worries. I pray for strength for them Lord. Strength to withstand all that is about to come to fruition.
I praise you Lord that I know my strength is not my own but yours,and I thank you for that strength.I ask you all of this, in the matchless name of Jesus,Amen.

Love you all so much in Christ Jesus,Tammy


Trust God, You Have Everything To Gain

posted by PrayerWarrior

They (the media and government) tell us all this bad news in hopes that we will lose hope and then begin to think of a man being able to see us through our turmoil. Hoping that we will turn to them and trust them implicitly to see us through. Yet they are just men. Just human being ,with all the same hang ups and fears and mistakes as every other man. They cannot save us,they cannot heal us,nor our grievous wounds. In fact if we follow men we are being led to our own doom. God is all powerful,all knowing and everywhere at once. He is WISDOM!!!

Every day we hear more and more about how everything is falling apart, and they do not see that the mistakes they are making are just making it all worse.Nor do they see they have made all the same mistakes in the past. I look at our world today and say man it is all falling apart before our very eyes. But I know in no uncertain terms I am not of the world and the world holds no hope for me. The Lord is my hope,my strength and my courage. He makes me bold when I would turn tail and run. He pushes me to do things I could never have imagined in my life prior to knowing him. I am so thankful to God that he is my everything. I am so thankful that he saw me in my sin and said here is one of my own,then called me by name to come and join Him.He chose me,He pursued me,and he wooed me. He has won my Love and my life. We are His portion and He is our prize.

I watch how every day in thousands of different ways Americans are getting more and more hurt, and not knowing how to fix their lives, and their selves,turning further away from God.Here is a nugget of truth. We cannot fix ourselves. We must must must turn our lives over to God. Hand Him the reins of your life and watch your life soar to new heights. Watch all your worries all your fears disappear. Be healed of everything that ails you.

Are you angry all the time? Is it because you are hurting so much over your past life that you cannot move forward? It is time to put your trust in God and let go of the past. The past is over. There is no going back and fixing any of it. If we sit there going ,”if only I had done this? Then maybe this would not have happened? It is time to come to perfect peace and rest that can only be found in Gods perfectly capable,and beyond able hands. You dear friend,are not here by accident. If your reading this God has a message for you. He wants to love you. He wants to smooth the road ahead for you. He wants to make all of your days good days. He loves you more than you could ever know. He is not saying their wont be trials ahead for you.But those trials in His capable hands makes you get through it all, with a smile on your face.Knowing He has your back is something that is unbelievably comforting.

Just think about it,He sent us the Holy spirit to be our comforter. To hold us up no matter what we face as long as we hand it all to God. Allow the Holy spirit to guide you in this life. I can personally promise you will not regret it. More than that God is right there walking you down the correct paths of life. Guiding and directing you. Loving you all along the way. You see God will not ever stop loving you. No matter what we do wrong,God does not reprimand us he corrects us with love and perfect guidance. He will never ever leave your side. If you feel a distance with Him it is due to something your not doing right. Because He does not leave your side. Not even for one moment.He is always present with us,as soon as you invite the Holy spirit in and give your will over to God’s will,He will not forsake you for one moment not one second. You are His and He is yours forever more. Your life becomes one big huge love fest.

Knowing your loved of the father no matter what ,knowing that He will comfort you if you but ask,is a huge weight lifted off ones shoulders. What can’t we face, with Gods love standing right there beside us? No better yet Living inside of us, showing us from our hearts how to live life, AND IT IS A GOOD LIFE!!!!! Let me say this in plain speaking. God is all up in your stuff. He knows your business,He knows your heart. He knows your every want need and desire. Do you know His desire for you? He wants us to know That he Loves us unconditionally. There have never been any conditions placed on you by God. He has loved you long before you were even born. He might be disappointed with you when you make a mistake.But He just wants you to know He loves you.He desires your love in return,and then my friends let me tell you something,When you give your heart to Him He fills you up to over flowing, with love and comfort and knowledge,and strength. He desires to make you so strong in Him that you will not have to even ask a question.

He will fill you with His knowledge. Strength as we all know is in Knowledge of every form. When
you have knowledge on any subject you are prepared for any single circumstance.Rather that be your job or any circumstance in life you can think of.The more we know of anything, the more ready we are for what life throws at us. God wants to fill us up to overflowing with his knowledge and love. So that we can pour our excess into others. He blesses us abundantly in expectation that we will,pour our overflow onto others lives. Faith comes by hearing. We have to share our knowledge of the Lord with people everywhere. If you do not know the Lord and you are reading this ,He is calling to you. Have you had an abundance of mentions about God? Are you seeking for yourself? He will not leave you empty. If you seek you will find. If you knock the door will be open to you.Ask and you shall receive.

You cannot lose in seeking God. He loves you no matter your sins in the past. For all sin is just as bad as any other sin. He forgives every manner of sin. God finds you in the midst of your sin filled life, and calls you. He pursues you. He gives little nuggets of knowledge of Himself to us. He loves us and blesses us in every imaginable way. Life does not have to be hard and broken. It does not have to hurt you always. Life in Gods hands is peace and calm.“The fruit of the Spirit is… peace” -Galatians 5:22.
“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” -Isaiah 26:3. We can trust God with all things. He will not ever stop loving you. And if you did not know that He loves you unconditionally,now you do. Human love I know is so very fickle. If we disappoint people we have a chance of losing their love, and or respect. Not with God He loves you no matter what you have done.

Once you have decided to give Him your life. Once you have accepted Jesus Christs shed blood covering over your sin. God throws your sin away so far it can never be seen again. He never looks back in time. He only looks forward. Yes you can disappoint the Lord ,but His love is never removed from you. Even sinners who wallow in their sin and enjoy it,are loved by God unconditionally. John 14:23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. This is not just a fly by night promise.This is more of a covenant with you. They live with you inside you from that day you accept Jesus, for eternity.

John 10:27-29
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:
28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
29 My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand. God chooses you,Jesus pursues you,and woos you forever more.He never stops loving us. As a matter of fact it is safe to say He loves us before we are even closing I just offer you some good advice,come experience the joy of knowing the Lord. He already knows you ,mind,body,and soul. Come get to know Him and His ways.You have nothing to lose by giving God your trust,you have everything to gain.

Love in Christ Jesus, Tammy

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